Digital Marketplace Online contract

Electronic Trading Platform ONLINECONTRACT is the No. 1 site on the inter-corporate e-commerce market in Tatarstan *, one of the largest electronic trading platforms in Russia.

  • The number of clients on the site is 55,080
  • The total turnover of trade and procurement procedures is 682 billion rubles
  • The number of trade and procurement procedures is 210,479

Since 2007, ONLINECONTRACT has helped thousands of enterprises optimize costs and find suppliers or customers in the shortest time, while maintaining transparency and fair competition in the procurement and sales processes. ETP operates in three areas: Corporate purchases, Exchange products, Sale of assets and property. Organizations of different scale and geography can purchase here to meet the needs of the company and participate in bids, buy petroleum products and petrochemical products from leading Russian manufacturing enterprises directly and at market prices, and buy or sell cars, metals, equipment, property and other assets of the enterprise.

* According to the results of the marketing research of LLC "MX 1" of aggregate indicators of ETP activities in the Republic of Tatarstan for 2017

3 floor, 20, Tatarstan Str. Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia

8 (843) 2-696-696