• founded in 2012
  • 5000 ha of farmland
  • Company annually increases the area of cultivated land by 10-15%  


The agricultural enterprise LLC “Agrotransport” was created on July 25, 2012. Today, it has three industrial platforms, acreage of cultivated fields up to 5000 ha, Park of the special equipment, warehouses for grain storage.

Industrial platforms are located in three districts of the Republic of Tatarstan:

- Drozhzhanovsky area, Nizhnee Chechenskoe village – developed areas of agriculture: crop production, horse breeding, breeding large and small cattle, poultry, apiculture, cultivation of berries and fruit crops.

- Vysokogorsky region, railway station Kinderi. This is the food production base for processing wheat into extrusion products which is one of the main components in the confectionery, bakery and dairy industries.

- Verkhneuslonsky district, Pechishchi village where place for reception of grain is locatedю There are presented services of cleaning, drying and grain storage, handling and reception on a barge.

1, Polevaya Str. Set. Nizhneye Chekurskoye, Drozhzhanovsky district, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia

+7 (843) 500-50-62