Industrial enterprises


«MultiPlast» — is a high-tech enterprise for the production of wood-polymer composite products, one of the leaders at the Russian market in production of a terrace board from the KDP. It possesses a wide network of affiliate enterprises in Russia; the geography of its sales includes the countries of the CIS neighboring countries.


The Volzhanin plant is the largest manufacturer of equipment for welding polyethylene pipes in Russia. Over 80 partner companies from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok, as well as in the CIS countries successfully implement the products of the plant, represented by the brands Volzhanin and Monster.

Velvette Marine

Velvette Marine is one of the largest companies in the Russian market for the production and sale of yachts and boats. It was founded in 2007. The company applies advanced technologies for production and components from the leading world manufacturers.

RiverLift rigs

RiverLift rigs are a technological and practical solution for comfortable summer operation and winter storage of boats and yachts.


Volzhanin-Art is a company for manufacturing of metal products by art laser cutting. It offers ready-made solutions as well as exclusive author works for a house, facade, and interior of an apartment or a suburban area.


AMK is a plant producing panels from natural aluminum for hinged ventilated facades, as well as various types of input groups and small architectural forms.

Industrial parks

Industrial Park M-7

Industrial Park M-7 is the first private industrial park in Tatarstan with integrated engineering infrastructure, created to provide strategic and financial support to the innovative and investment activities of small and medium business.

Production companies

Production of VOLDONE grill-ovens

VOLDONE – is the project of “Volzhanin” plant specializing in production of grill ovens for indoor areas. Voldone grill oven is suitable for cooking the meat, vegetable dishes and the dough in the public places with 200 seats.

Production of VOLGAR smokeries

VOLGAR — is the project of “Volzhanin” plant specializing in production of mobile smokery unit. Smokery can be used both for production capacities and for personal use. With the help of this smokery you can make hot - and cold - smoking meats and fishes; make sausages, cheese and all kinds of culinary delights.

Production of VOLZHAR wood-fire grills

VOLZHAR is the project of “Volzhanin” plant specializing in production of qualitative wood-fire grills.

Digital platforms

The Business platform

The Business platform is a convenient and simple on-line service for finding and selecting investments, which has been developed to support and promote entrepreneurship.

Digital Marketplace Online contract

Onlinecontract is a universal digital trading system which enables to conduct various types of trading procedures for sale and purchase of goods and services in the online mode.

Business platform web-studio

Business platform web-studio offers complex solutions for the development of business in the Internet, carrying out a full cycle of activity in the creation and promotion of sites, provides services for web-design, seo and smm-promotion.

Construction companies

Capital Stroy

Capital Stroy is a company specializing in the construction of industrial and civil facilities. The company also offers a wide range of general construction activity; it is active in the development of such areas as diagnostics, vibration diagnostics and repair of technological equipment, provides anti-corrosion and flame retardant treatment of metal and wood structures.

Construction company

The company "PC Grad" is focused on the search and implementation of effective solutions, the synergy of traditions and innovations, the formation of a culture of social responsibility.

Media group

The media group «Svetsky»

The media group «Svetsky» includes a tabloid magazine “Svetsky”, information portal SVETSKY.RU, creative event-studio “Svetsky”.

“SVETSKY” Event-studio

“SVETSKY” event - studio is the full-cycle company that takes absolutely all tasks related with carrying out the events.

The magazine «Expert Tatarstan»

Expert Tatarstan is a business journal, profoundly and professionally studying economics, business and socio-political processes. The magazine presents trends, analytics, forecasts, describing the state of the industries, publishing interviews with key business players.



AgroTransPort is an agricultural enterprise located in the Drozhzhanovsky district of the Republic of Tatarstan. Grown crops, beekeeping, horse breeding, growing berries and fruits is arranged on the area of 5000 hectares.